Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including AIDS (SCORA)
     Medical students of the IFMSA formed the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including AIDS (SCORA) in 1992, driven by a strong will to take an active part in prevention interventions concerning HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and to support people living with HIV/AIDS, aiming to decrease stigma and discrimination. SCORA also focuses on gender issues like domestic violence, female genital mutilation (FGM) and glass ceiling as well as provides opportunities to address issues regarding sexual orientation, trans-sexuality and teenage pregnancy.
     SCORA Exchanges
     SCORA offers medical students international exchange opportunities specifically on HIV/AIDS. The exchange was first established in 1996 and is currently running in Romania, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Greece, Egypt and Turkey. The program gives local and international participants a global view of HIV/AIDS, focusing on the complexity of this multifaceted issue.